Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography is all about capturing the varied emotions of the wonderful day, no matter whether it is the romance, drama, laughter or excitement. Seen through the artisan lens of a photographer, your big day is fully recorded in all its ambiance and elegance. Embracing light in all its moods to capture the heart and soul of your special day, I always prefer to follow an unobtrusive approach during my work.Creative ideas combined with the right technical expertise ensure none of the special moments are missed. With an artistic eye for detail and impeccable sense of style, my Wedding Photography portrays your story of love with timeless images. Guests leave, flowers go wilted, decorations are swept away and the keepsake left with you is a wedding album. Taking back you to those lovely moments, Wedding photographs shouldn’t just be beautiful, but it should evoke the flood of memories, even after years. May it is romantic eye lock between the couple or the parent’s tear of joy, I believe in capturing the true beauty of emotions and relationships. I’m a story teller, who loves to share the cute fairy tale of your wedding through heart stirring photographs. No two individuals can be same, neither the weddings, isn’t it? There is something real and unique about every wedding and I love to capture it with my photography. Making everyone and everything look beautiful, I will photograph your wedding as it unfolds. My Wedding Photography service freezes those special moments to beautiful memories that will stay close to your heart forever and ever. Specialising in Photography with indepth knowledge and creativity where sky is limit. Feel your life in my Photography, build your memories and make them so live instantly in every clicks, as my camera breaths and tunes with your heart. Wedding Photographer, High quality Photography, Prewedding Photography, Candid Shoots, Portraits, Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer